3 Things a CEO Can Do to Lead a Great Building Project

The CEO or President of a company has a tremendous number of responsibilities. When embarking on a project to build a new office space or company headquarters, it can seem like the project takes over and is the only thing on your plate. But in reality, all of the other responsibilities are still there. So how can a CEO lead a great building project and still run a great company?

Tip 1: Get the Right People in the Room

You hired your team for a reason. They’re the best at what they do. Ensuring you have the right people tasked on the building project is the first step to success. Ensure you have a broad set of expertise on the building team—including idea people, process people, creative team members and financial representatives. These key areas will provide valuable insight as you enter the planning and ultimately building phase.

Tip 2: Never Underestimate the Power of Planning

Planning is critical to a successful project. But Master Planning doesn’t have to be overly complex or expensive. Some of the best plans are simple, flexible and not overly detailed. Our Master Planning process at CMBA, for instance, consists of 3 phases: Discover, Inspire, and Implement. We use these 3 simple steps to guide clients and help them gain a longer view of their future facilities.

Tip 3: Stay Out of the Way but Not Out of the Project

Remember your team we talked about in step one? When you get down to executing your building project, relying on their expertise is critical. Allowing them leadership over their area of the project is one of the best ways you can demonstrate leadership. Now, we’re not saying to check out completely. Quite the contrary. Your guidance and vision will be crucial to keep all members of your team working together toward the common goal. And when a decision has to be made that only you can make, you’ll be there and ready for it.

Bonus Tip: Rely on the Expertise of Professionals

You run your company. Architects design buildings and spaces. Construction companies build. Relying on the expertise of your architectural and construction partners helps ensure success in the end. You may do one or two building projects during your tenure as CEO. We do building projects every day. And we’re always happy to share our expertise to set you up for success!

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