Attracting Talent with Considerate Design

Modern employees bring a consumer’s mindset to choosing where they work. In other words, across industries, workers are placing a premium on personalization, agility, and technological sophistication. This trend has become particularly pronounced in recent time. This makes the workplace a legitimate marketing tool for attracting new talent!

what does the workforce care about?

Research has shown that a workplace that provides variety and diversity of space throughout the built environment will offer physical and psychological benefits to employees. There is also  evidence that pairing flexible design with complementary practices like activity-based working can facilitate wellness. The strategy here is to give individuals the power to seek out the spaces that best meet their needs. This people-centric approach has the advantage of appealing to a talent pool that is increasingly applying a consumer mindset to workplace experience.

stand out with acoustic pods

As employees re-enter the office, they're bringing with them expectations regarding the adaptability and customization of their surroundings. They're comparing their experience of working from home with the experience of working in the office. Fortunately, there exists an innovative range of products that is ready to respond to these demands. These products are most often referred to as “acoustic pods” or “mobile phone booths.” They are freestanding structures that generate privacy  by greatly reducing incoming sound. A wide spectrum of models is differentiated by factors such as square footage, degree of enclosure, and integrated amenities. The result is that users can select the workstation best suited for a specific task, whether that is making a confidential call, leading a collaborative brainstorming session, or simply enjoying a pause from work altogether. Incorporating acoustic pods in your office is a quick and unique way to stand out from the rest in the eyes of prospective employees.

facilitate openness and creativity

While a traditional office configuration might be imaginatively stifling to some, a forward-thinking redesign combined with an organizational culture that nurtures experimentation and exploration can promote environments conducive to creative thinking. Psychologists, in turn, have found that employees who are encouraged to develop and demonstrate their creativity in the workplace enjoy  a host of positive outcomes, ranging from better relationships with coworkers to higher job satisfaction.

prioritize ergonomics

Your office MUST prioritize ergonomics — considering people’s limitations – to mitigate sources of discomfort. Consider furnishings that can be adjusted for height, weight, and intended posture. Also give easy access to fixtures like dimmable LED bulbs, USB power modules, and Bluetooth speakers.

Allow for movement

Hopefully, employees can do at least a bit of walking in the workplace as they move from one place to another. Even brief episodes of movement are of tremendous value health-wise when considering that a sedentary lifestyle — defined by excessive sitting and minimal exercise – is a widely accepted risk factor for a multitude of chronic illnesses. When the fluid shifting of individuals is matched with furniture that is equally mobile, a truly dynamic and inherently attractive office space can emerge.

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