Planning for the Unexpected with Your Healthcare Project Budget

Opening a new unit or remodeling a space in your facility is exciting! Not only is your staff excited about working in the new space – and often utilizing new equipment – but it's so much fun to see the impact it makes to both hospital staff and the community at large. The support of your physicians, staff, and community have allowed for the expansion/renovation of the hospital. However, nothing can ruin the excitement of your new construction like negative comments about its design and functionality. In order to minimize negative surprises and buy-in from the staff, the following are some suggestions to ensure functionality and efficiency while keeping your project on budget!

The Stakes are High

There are some very real consequences if a project goes over budget or off schedule – patients’ well-being may be at stake. If a project is managed poorly, doctors and other healthcare providers are more likely to miss critical patient data needed to make good medical decisions. Any miscalculation or lack of process can have lasting effects on your patients. Taking the time to set your project up successfully is more than just a money saver – it could also be a life saver too.

Higher Costs & Heavy Regulation

To plan for the unexpected, you must take a broad look at fluctuating costs and changing regulations. The number of insured Americans is the highest it’s ever been. The increased demand for healthcare, combined with rising costs, has put more pressure on the industry to deliver low-cost, high-quality services. In addition, the healthcare industry faces more regulations than most other industries. There’s an increased need to keep sensitive information safe. Projects must often be signed off on by the hospital and local and national governments. These variables can throw a wrench in otherwise foolproof plans.

Thinking About Patients and staff

In the face of all this complexity, your healthcare design must not only be extraordinary for the patient, but also the doctors and nurses – giving them a place where they're comfortable working and look forward to coming back to.

Patients’ lives are being affected by the design of your facility. By using the right approach you can save lives and boost patient well-being, as well as improve daily processes and outcomes of all healthcare providers working in the industry.

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