Keeping Things Casual for Summer

Summer is almost here and it’s a great time to enhance company culture and let employees know they’re valued. For most companies, including CMBA, the “official” start of summer is Memorial Day weekend—and it’s a great time to try a more casual atmosphere for your employees.

Casual Dress Code

How employees dress varies greatly by company. We used to have an expectation that employees always wear business attire. But for many employees, it’s not their style—and can actually make them less productive.

We tried a “casual Friday” approach for a while and employees LOVED it. So we relaxed the dress code a little more to “smart casual.” Now our dress code lets employees be accountable with a “dress for your day” mentality.

Employees can dress comfortably, while maintaining a professional appearance. For some that means formal business attire. For others, it’s business casual. And for many of our staff, it’s nice jeans and an appropriate shirt.

We find that employees appreciate the options—and do a great job being ready for clients and adapting to what their day may bring. If you’re contemplating a more casual dress code, summer is a great time to give it a test run!

Summer Fridays

Another benefit we give employees at CMBA is Friday afternoons off between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As long as there isn’t urgent work, employees are encouraged to leave at lunch and spend the afternoon with family, friends, or one another—but take time to relax.

We often find that our team is even more productive in the summer—maybe it’s the extra leisure time that creates a positive work/life balance and healthier lifestyle. We have a flexible schedule year-round, but our team is always prepared to stay if a client needs us, or an emergency pops up. It is just an added perk to enjoy an extended weekend away from the office.

Outdoor Team Building

If you follow us on Facebook or read our blog, you know we love team outings. Summer is a great time to take an afternoon or full day and take the team outside for a social event or team building.

Everything from a company picnic to a team building challenge course can make for a great out-of-the-office event.

What’s most important is to choose an activity that fits your team and company culture.

Team members will make new connections with one another—and taking a break from the day-to-day work helps your entire team be more innovative and creative.

Try Something New This Summer

Summer is a great time to try new ideas for your company culture. From dress code to relaxed work schedules—and team gatherings—give something new a try this summer!

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