Furniture Plays a Critical Role in Hybrid Workplace Design

With newly established workplace preferences and expectations, it’s time to rethink certain aspects of the workplace. Specifically, the different types of furniture used to support workers throughout the day.

Effectively catering to personal preference is more important now than it has ever been – people want to work where they want and how they want – and the burden falls heavily on architecture and design to facilitate those desires.

Bench-Style Seating

It’s time to replace old seating systems that put workers in linear stations. Instead, consider incorporating long, open bench-style workstations. These tables can be wired with plenty of power for everyone so that each user can define their space and easily gather for collaborative work.

Tables like these are a flexible workplace solution that will encourage unprompted meetings and increased teamwork. When considering bench-style working solutions, be sure to find ways to offer more secluded spaces for focused work if your space allows.

Using Furniture to Create Desirable Layouts

With less people going in to work, fewer dedicated workspaces with increased circulation can make the layout of your spaces more attractive to workers. Imagine the office as a series of sections, divided by open shelving modules, panels or mobile walls.

Moveable pieces such as these allow your workplace to become more agile, with segregated spaces that feel a bit more like rooms. This allows workers to experience an atmosphere that feels a bit more like home should they choose.

Meeting Room Furniture

Trying to collaborate with a blend of in-person and virtual meeting attendees leaves little room for debate: The long rectangular conference table is on its way out!

What will fill its place? We see many workplaces opting for theater seating with swiveling chairs. This move is making meeting rooms more agile and appropriate for interacting with people in-person and remotely.

Furniture is an Investment

Many furniture manufacturers have been quick to respond to changing worker sentiments with agile new products. We are seeing an influx of new carts, mobile tables, connectivity accessories and more, all of which are meant to support the needs of the modern worker.

There’s no better time than the present to upgrade your office experience! Investing in the right furniture for your space will serve the needs of both facilities managers and teams.

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