How CMBA Stays at the Cutting Edge of Higher Education Design

What is it like working on a higher ed project at CMBA? The way that universities operate is changing rapidly, and our goal is to stay hyperaware of the new opportunities to create designs that improve the student experience, as well as your bottom line. How? By focusing on people. By keeping a constant focus on people (not just trends), we are able to better see and understand design solutions in the higher ed industry.

Our Difference

Our forward-thinking design philosophy is at the core of what makes CMBA unique and relevant. We embody a people-first mentality to each and every higher education project we take on. This allows us to deliver on our promise of excellence. This way of thinking about design begins with you, your vision, your people and extends all the way to the finished product. It’s important to us that we understand where you are coming from and what you need from a human perspective. This gives us vital context to how new higher education trends could be implemented for your institution.

People Come First at CMBA

The education of your students is the primary focus of our approach and is fueled by our unique design philosophy, Upward Thinking. This philosophy embodies our student-first mentality for colleges and helps deliver on our promise to a create a better experience for students and faculty. By focusing on your people throughout the design process, we're able to find unique design solutions that others may overlook. Understanding your students and the way your university approaches education is our priority at the beginning of the design process. We seek to discover your desired educational outcomes and make sure that our designs match the needs of your students and curriculum.

We Know You're Running a Business

We know that your university must function as a business in addition to being a school. With increasing competition among institutions, we prioritize working within your capital management plan to design architecture that meets your needs and stands out from the rest.

Our Team

We believe in giving our people the freedom and flexibility to create and innovate. This way of working is invaluable to our firm. When you put your people first, amazing solutions emerge. Because of our approach, we’ve designed our culture around the freedom to collaborate and express ideas. This affects our clients’ experience and certainly makes itself visible in your finished higher education projects. Our deep love of architecture at CMBA is truly contagious! Beyond this, our team brings a range of ages, interests, backgrounds and creative skills to each project. When we collaborate and work together, spectacular things happen! Interested in learning more about CMBA? Click here!

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