Where to Invest $$$ and Increase Patient Satisfaction

It’s certainly a different world than ten years ago. As healthcare moves to a quality based model, one of the issues that has risen to the top is patient satisfaction. What are the predominant impacts your building can have on increasing patient satisfaction?


Patients don’t want to be reminded they are dealing with an institution by encountering dull drab spaces. Change up the look with more of a hospitality feel. Patterned carpet, wall accents, and lighting are an easy start. Don’t forget to add natural shades like green, blue, and yellow.

Patient Room.

The patient’s time is spent in the patient room, so make sure it is updated. Provide adequate space for the family, as well as care givers. Soothing colors and finishes sure help. Don’t make the cluttered marker board the focus of the room.

Natural Light.

Waiting rooms with plenty of day light and don’t have patients wait along a corridor with no sense of privacy. Also in today’s digital world make sure there is plenty of power outlets, WIFI, and monitors.


Easy to find outpatient services. Don’t make patients wander around winding corridors to find much used rehab and clinic services.

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