Our Culture Has an Impact on Your Project

People are important to us. And we believe that allowing people the freedom and flexibility to create is invaluable as an architecture firm. Although that may not come as a shock to you. After all, forcing people into a box certainly isn't a recipe for inspired work. Yet still, you'd be amazed at the surprising design solutions that emerge when you truly promote the expression of ideas through culture. We think this is one of our differentiators at CMBA. It affects our client’s experience and it, without a doubt, makes itself visible in their finished projects.

What's the Culture Like at CMBA?

If you want to better understand our culture, you could look to the benefits we offer our employees; flexible schedules, team-building activities, and more. But to truly understand our culture and how it relates to our work, it's much better to understand why we made the decision to offer the benefits in the first place. We see a people-first culture as a key differentiator between success and failure. From a business perspective––and certainly from an architectural one. When you set up a culture around maximizing profits, it's rarely sustainable long-term. This rings true for architecture as well. You can't create great architecture without accounting for the people who'll actually use the spaces you're designing.

Our People Make the Difference.

If you decide to work with CMBA Architects, you'll be introduced to all kinds of people. Bringing a broad base of talent, inspiration and experience to your project. And on occasion, we'll even draw on relationships with specialty consultants and nationally recognized design partners. With the simple goal of providing you with the right team for your project. Our collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach and unique company culture is just one aspect that sets our work apart.

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