People Are Important at CMBA

At CMBA Architects, our staff is highly diverse. This is truly one of our greatest benefits by far! Our team brings a wide range of ages, interests, backgrounds, and creative skills to each project. When we collaborate and work together, amazing things happen! CMBA is its people – an amazing array of talent. We take our clients' goals and their need for strategic design and seamless delivery seriously, connecting our entire team to leverage its creativity, knowledge, and experience. Our team turns big ideas into beautiful, functional spaces, but our vision goes beyond architecture. Our true passion is improving the lives of the people around us. That’s what drives the next level of innovation and creativity for us and our clients.

It's Not What We do, it's who we do it for

Our people believe in the work they do, and they care about who they're doing it for. Our expertise is in K12, Higher Ed, and Healthcare architecture, and design. Each and every one of these projects starts with the end user in mind. This primary objective has us laser-focused on providing the best possible experience for everyone who interacts with, and makes use of, the spaces we design. Whether that’s someone waiting in a hospital lobby, working behind a desk in an office, or teaching a class in a K12 school. We believe the spaces we design have a very real impact on people’s satisfaction and well-being.

we let our team shine

Our culture is rooted in a deep love of people and architecture. We believe that giving our team the freedom, flexibility, and space to create and innovate is invaluable as an architecture firm! When you put your people first, incredible design solutions emerge. Because of this, we’ve designed our culture around the freedom to collaborate and express ideas. This affects our clients’ experience and certainly makes itself visible in their finished projects. Our deep love of architecture at CMBA is truly contagious!

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