Risk & Reward

I’m a golfer (not a very good one mind you), but I hope you non-golfers can understand this analogy. It’s the 18 th hole, your one stroke behind your best buddy, and you’ve bet a beverage on this game (it’s a large mind you). Do you take that risky shot over the water, or do you lay-up? Of course you do! It’s only a game, it’s only a Coke, and you know how much trash talk you’ll earn with a victory. Now if you’re on the PGA tour, and that ball in the water can cost you a half-million dollars, a sponsorship and your tour card, you might make a different decision. When it comes to buildings we want to be innovative and creative shot makers, but the risks are high. We want to be on the “leading edge” not the “bleeding edge.” We’ll let somebody else experiment with that brand new, untested material, that latest trend in delivery systems, or that mechanical system with promises too good to be true. This is no Coke on a Saturday afternoon; this is your building, and your money. We’re going to make good shots, but keep it in the fairway.  

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