For Trekkies, we are not referring to the “Final Frontier,” but instead to those VOIDS – that air between the solid stuff. Architects deal in space. While the beams, columns and walls of a building are important, unless you are a mouse, you don’t live, work or play inside a wall. Winston Churchill said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” As architects who have made their living for years sculpting spaces, this statement inspires, but it also humbles one with the huge responsibility architects have. The efficiency of your work, the enjoyment in your entertainment, the effectiveness of your learning, the healing of your ailments and the inspiration of your worship are greatly impacted by the work of an architect. This idea of space is not only relative to interiors. On the exterior, it’s not just important how a building looks, but what happens with the spaces between the buildings. How does a building sit on the site, relate to its neighbors, create a neighborhood or outdoor spaces people enjoy and want to spend time in? Another thing you may not know about space is that it talks. People’s homes and buildings reflect who they are: traditional, contemporary, trendy, frugal, out-of-date, showy, creative or hip. What does your space say about you? CMBA has four different office spaces that are all true to our culture, yet unique to their surroundings and communities. This is what we hope our spaces say about us:


Rather than build new, all of CMBA’s office spaces are repurposed buildings – from a vacant 1930’s Art Deco building to an abandoned warehouse.


We are committed to the communities where we live, work and play. CMBA has made a long-term commitment toward downtown revitalization in Sioux City, Des Moines, Spencer and Grand Island.


There aren’t many walls. Walls can get in the way of working together. We believe a collaborative team produces better results than working as individuals.


The walls we do have are glass. Ducts are exposed, and there isn’t much hidden. Our team is open and transparent with our clients. Of course, we hope you see many more things in our space…things like current, creative, exciting, vibrant, fun, efficient and effective. Come visit and judge for yourself!

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