Trends Guiding the Future of Architecture

In an age of rapidly shifting cultural trends and technological evolution, architects are called upon to create better, more robust design solutions. From architectural design to construction best practices, the following trends are changing architecture for the better!

Technology is Redefining What's Possible

These days, it is possible for architects to interact with a design before construction even begins! It may not be widely adopted yet, but VR is starting to transform many aspects are architecture and design, and this can't be any clearer than in the conceptual stages. Architects are now able to visualize how a design will look and feel long before ground is broken! The value of this cannot be understated. Another relatively recent technological development is in 3D printing. New software can engineer a structure while finding solutions to problems regarding structural resilience and material choices. In the very near future, 3D printers will be able to help architects create unbelievable structures and push the actual boundaries of design. When looked at relationally, VR and 3D printing technology have the potential to dramatically expand the limits of architecture and design!

Considerate Design

This trend is all about remaining aware of all the different types of people who may interact with a space and including their needs when making design-related decisions. The population is extremely diverse, and at its best, considerate architecture doesn't leave anyone out. From the elderly to young children – and everyone in between – it is increasingly important for architects to be aware of the unique struggles experienced by various groups of people. This awareness will often lead to new design solutions that push the envelope, making spaces more accessible and usable by more people! Challenging the status quo in meaningful ways is the only way to make industry-wide progress, and considerate architecture is doing just that.

Environmentally Friendly Architecture

Architecture that is kind to the environment has become a major trend. The world faces many environmental threats and architects are taking them head-on! So-called sustainable architecture is making a real difference and we're excited to see such wide acceptance! The primary underlying principle at play when designing for sustainability is waste reduction. This includes physical materials, of course, but also extends to energy efficiency. Join in on these efforts by looking closely at your materials, location and energy usage!

Capitalize on These Trends

These trends start to paint a picture of what the future of architecture and design will look like. Will you be a part of it? See what it would take to incorporate these trends into your project by getting in contact with the team at CMBA Architects!

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